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Morality Critical Thinking

posted Jan 12, 2012 16:30:53 by klich046
2. Were there any characters that were truly immoral or truly moral throughout the entire play?
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brogers902 said Jan 13, 2012 14:25:01
Throughout the entire play, we feel as if the characters gave off an overall appearance that they were a certain way, where as in reality they are completely different. No one was truly moral during the entire play, perhaps at certain parts, but their overall personality was fake. For example, Hamlet gets caught up in the revenge of his fathers death, killing 'innocent' Polonius. Ophelia, truly loves Hamlet but acts as if she could care less. The king is constantly lying to everyone, while keeping his true self, a murderer, hidden. The characters in this play are very deceiving, and truly do not demonstrate being moral.
klich046 said Jan 18, 2012 19:16:29
The only characters we can think of that were truly moral during the entire play are Bernardo and Marcellus. In the beginning they help Hamlet find out the truth of his fathers death and Marcellus promised Hamlet that he would not say a word about the ghost of Hamlet Senior to any one. Though both characters had a short part of the play, they seemed to be the only two characters who were truly moral throughout the play.
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