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General Morality Question

posted Jan 12, 2012 16:32:40 by klich046
3. Can revenge be justified as a moral act?
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rstapleton524 said Jan 16, 2012 03:20:53
No, it can't.

Revenge involves deliberately harming another to feel better about something you believe they did to you or someone else. Even though it is natural to want to get back at a person who gave you trouble or pain, actually going ahead with the act means you yourself stooped to their level and became a conniving, hurtful person. In order to gain awareness that these acts are horrible and stop other people from resorting to them, you have to refrain from taking part in such things as revenge itself or else you will continue to breed a cycle of upset that you never wanted to be in in the first place.
st250 said Jan 18, 2012 14:37:15
Revenge is to inflict punishment on someone in return for either an insult or injury. Whereas, a moral act is an act that involves intent and free will to do the "right" one. It is the one that will either bring about good consequences or adheres to a set of rules. It is pretty evident that the definitions of each key term is different. By taking revenge for something done to you is not the positive way in handling a situation. Not only does actions of revenge bring about hurt and suffering, but it also causes new hardships to come up. In our point of view, revenge can be more justified as an immoral act. Which is the act that is the "wrong" one. One that will either bring about detrimental consequences or does not follow to a formal set of rules. Revenge is a reaction we are not typically taught to participate in, and to us it cannot be justified as a moral act. -Sam and Cindy

kmac953 said Jan 18, 2012 15:03:53
No it cannot be justified as a moral act. Revenge is to inflict punishment in response to an immoral act. Inflicting punishment just for the sake of returning the favour or getting the upperhand is immoral. Just because someone did it first doesnt make it right or okay for someone to respond in the same manner.
ghaunts490 said Jan 18, 2012 15:38:49
Sometimes people deserve to die for what they have done. In today's society people debate the morality of capital punishment and death penalties. Revenge on the other hand does not involve this, the government doesn't have a right to damn a man however the victim of the criminals actions certainly have a natural right to revenge even if the law doesn't allow it.
klich046 said Jan 18, 2012 18:40:27
What about if your enemy would constantly do bad things to you, and always managed to get away from any negative consequences? would you let them constanly get away for doing bad things to you? It then brings an intresting question should there be a limit a person can do bad things and get away? Though we personally think that revenge should never be justified as a moral act. However letting someone control and destroy your life is completly unjustifiable and if no higher authority can't resolve the issue revenge would be fair.

What are your thoughts?
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